Cold Kauai

dave poore
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I’m writing this post while bundled up in a blanket, wearing socks, a hoodie and yoga pants; yet, somehow, I am still freezing. Apparently, Kauai gets really cold at night. Mind you, the low 70s are considered “cold” for us island wusses!

The chilly north winds aren’t helping either. In fact, that’s probably the culprit of my frozen nose and frost-bitten toes. Man, I’m a baby when it comes to cold, and maybe a little bit of a drama queen. But when my teeth start to chatter under the covers, I know that my body is facing an unusual circumstance for Hawaii.

Cold weather in Hawaii can be especially apparent near the ocean or near the mountains. That’s because these areas are more susceptible to the chilly winds. However, I feel like it is always a lot colder near the mountains. The heat in the air seems to diminish the higher in elevation you go.

If you’re visiting Hawaii from the mainland, then you will be the expert here. In fact, most of my mainland family welcome the brisk weather in paradise because, lets face it, it could be a lot worse…like snow storms and blizzards. Luckily, we still have sunshine and warm sand to roll around in.


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