Cheers for Kauai Kombucha

Several bottles of Kauai Kombucha in a refrigerator
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Health fanatics know all about kombucha – the organic tea-based drink that originated in Asia centuries ago. Today, it can be found all over the world, including Hawaii.

I first tried Kauai Kombucha at Kalaheo Cafe, where little glass bottles lined the refrigerator display of cakes and pies. As tempting as those sweets appeared, the muggy Kauai weather made a sip of chilled kombucha sound much more inviting. So I bought the orange flavor and headed out the door for a day at the beach.

The mid-day sun reminded me of what I held in my hands; I quickly twisted off the cap and chugged. That fermented fizz I love so much made me feel 10-times cooler, happier and healthier overall! Kombucha is a health tonic that contains yeast and good-for-you bacteria. The ingredients promote increased energy and good health. What many don’t realize is the time it takes to make kombucha.

While I don’t make it myself, I have friends who do. The fermentation process takes about two weeks, during which time organic teas, sugars and a live culture brew. I especially like that Kauai Kombucha is locally-made with ingredients straight from the farm. The young owner said in her Kickstarter campaign that she is committed to a zero-waste movement as well.

You can find Kauai Kombucha at most health food stores, farmers markets and specialty shops on Kauai.