‘Capture Your Aloha’

A digital photobooth that says “capture your aloha”
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That’s the first thing customers are greeted with when walking into Don Quijote, an Oahu store known for its discounted products from Asia. “Capture Your Aloha” is painted on the bright midnight blue-colored walls; below that, the penguin mascot tells customers to “Say Hi!”

But the coolest part of this entrance setup is the photo booth! Customers are always surprised to see themselves on the “big screen” when stepping farther into the store. Two huge screens on the adjacent wall mirror customers and let them take pictures of themselves, similar to how a photo booth does.

It’s a totally free function that I believe is only available at the Honolulu location. Donpen, the penguin mascot, makes it especially fun for kids who want to try out the photo booth. He dances to the music and prompts them on what to do next.

I must say, a photo booth in a grocery-type store seems out of place. But at Don Quijote, it fits right in with the store motto of “Convenience,” “Discount” and “Amusement.” Customers are definitely amused by this wacky part of the store!

DON QUIJOTE • 801 Kaheka St., Honolulu, HI 96814 • Opens 24 hours /808-973-4800


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