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What’s more romantic than a candlelit dinner for two?

A candlelit dinner for two on the beach. Travel+Leisure recently ranked the most romantic restaurants in America, and a Hawaii restaurant made the list. The Beach House, located on Kauai, is much more elegant than its name implies. It’s actually a fine-dining restaurant just steps away from Poipu Beach, with picturesque sunsets served daily.

The food is just as beautiful. Lemongrass and kaffir lime crusted sea scallops and fresh ceviche will surely set the mood, and with a name like “Desire,” you know the chocolate mocha tart will tantalize your taste buds.

While Travel+Leisure listed several other romantic restaurants, the truth is, you can find romance in Hawaii at any restaurant, at any beach, at any time of day. You don’t need a fancy-schmancy meal (and a huge bill) to be romantic. You can have a candlelit dinner where ever you choose, and it doesn’t even have to include candles, for that matter. How about a small campfire or clear moonlit night to really paint a picture of romance?

Luckily for my boyfriend, I’m a cheap date. If it were up to me, I’d vote on the latter. Dinner on the beach is not only more affordable but also a lot more intimate for any couple. There won’t be any waiters to interrupt conversations or background chatter buzzing throughout the evening. The only sound you’ll hear is the rippling ocean waves that dance along the shore.


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