BULLSEYE! Lanai Archery and Sporting Clays Hit the Spot

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Some of you might know I’m originally from Georgia, where every guy I dated in High School had two things: A truck and a gun. And, every warm-blooded Southern girl was expected to at least KNOW how to aim down a barrel.

But, once I moved to Hawaii, I thought my shooting days were over — until I stumbled across the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range, where I could indulge my love for clay shooting in a setting reminiscent of the North Georgia mountains.

The inside of the cabin at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range.

Now, YOU can try you hand at archery and clay shooting at the newly-renovated Lanai Archery and Shooting Range, located in upland Lanai — about a 30-minute drive from the Four Seasons Lanai at Manele Bay and The Manele Bay Golf Course. There, you’ll experience the thrill of target activities, with an added element of luxury you’ll only find at Four Seasons resorts. And, if you’re a beginner, no worries! You’ll find customized lessons, in addition to excursions for those more experienced in clay shooting and archery.

Shooting Clays

What’s especially nice about the shooting clay course at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range is that you can experience the thrill of “hunting” without hurting a fly. The 14-station sporting clays course features targets that are launched to simulate flight patterns of duck, quail, dove, pheasant and even rabbit running patters. Regardless of age, size, or experience level, all are welcome to enjoy the course.  Experienced shooters can enjoy the diverse angles and target directions offered with six high towers.

An instructor briefs our group on safety and gun instruction.

I had the pleasure of experimenting with the renovated course recently, and the experience was exhilerating! During our introductory lesson, our instructor covered all the bases, from gun safety and awareness to course rules and shooting etiquette. We were all-ears as he gave us detailed instruction on how to use the gun and stay safe. Even the first-time shooters in our group enjoyed success, clearly the result of the fantastic lesson (and a bit of skill and luck). Beginners are often were fitted with a shotgun based on weight and size to minimise recoil, and participants use over/under guns by the heritage brand Beretta, considered by many today’s top choice for competition equipment.  For those hoping to take it to the”next-level,” additional experiences are available.

The course also features a five-stand smaller shooting area for beginners offering eight targets as well as a skeet field with nine shooting stations.

Sporting clays from USD 125 per person for one-hour introductory lesson.

One of the many newly-renovated clay shooting venues at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range.


The archery venue at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range mixes tradition and whimsy in an unexpected, but wholeheartedly delightful way. For example, not only will you find traditional targets, but, you’ll also see a group of seemingly oblivious 3D animal “targets,” such as a turkey, deer, ram, and boars. As proof of the designers’ whimsy, you’ll also find a 3D T-Rex in the distance! At the eight-station archery course, traditional targets located 5 to 25 feet away, so anyone who can safely handle a bow, regardless of age and experience level, can try their hand at this ancient sport.  An introductory lesson covers bow and arrow safety and etiquette, instruction and the necessary equipment.

Archery fees begin at USD 75 per person for a one-hour introductory lesson

Note that rates include transportation from Four Seasons Resort Lanai Adventure Center, exclusive of taxes. One or two hour lessons available for groups up to six. Additional targets may be purchased following lessons.  Experienced shooter packages are also available.

The archery range at the Lanai Archery and Shooting Range.

Experiences can be booked by calling 1 808 565 2072 or at adventure.lanai@fourseasons.com . Expeditions activity packages, including round-trip ferry transportation from Maui and harbour-activity transfers, will be available online.

Lanai may be just a ferry-ride away from Maui, but it’s a world-away in terms of activities, pace, and landscape. So, consider taking a detour on your next trip to Hawaii, and experience paradise from a entirely new perspective.


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