And… Action! Our Top Five Videos of Hawaii

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Having spent two VERY cold winters in Chicago, Illinois, I can tell you (first-hand) that nothing warmed me up like watching scenic videos of Hawaii. When the high temperature for the day was -7 degrees, you can bet I was indoors, on my computer, searching for videos of my favorite place. If I closed my eyes long enough, I could even imagine myself sprawling on the beach in the middle of January. Unfortunately, reality would hit me soon enough, and I would find myself back in my kitchen, gazing out at the snow piling-up by the inch.

If I were a bettin’ gal (which I am), I’d bet you, too, escape reality by watching videos of Hawaii. So, we’ve put together a list of our favorite videos and websites for you, so you can escape the winter, too (even if it’s only for a few minutes):

1. Scenic Hawaii:This is the online companion to Hawaii’s HD Channel 1001 and features 6 hours-worth of videos about the Hawaiian Islands. Created in a style reminiscent of Life Magazine, Scenic Hawaii relies heavily on pictures and music to tell the story, although there are interviews and documentary-style narrations as well.

On YouTube, you can find various videos, amateur and professional. This professional video from Discovering Hawaii educates the viewer and showcases the scenery of Hawaii.

2. Discovering Hawaii: This video by the Discovery Channel is part education video and part scenic video. The narrator teaches you how the Hawaiian islands were created and peppers the narrative with fun facts. During the video, you’ll also get to see extraordinary video that only the Discovery Channel videographers can capture.

3. Booking Hunter: Honolulu, Hawaii Travel Guide — Must See Attractions:This is a short (4 minute) video that can serve as a great guide for anyone looking to spend their vacation in Honolulu. The video spans the natural attractions, plus cultural attractions and shopping. Overall, this video is a great guide for visitors wondering what-to-do in Honolulu. You’ll also get a chance to take a preview of some of the water sports and other Hawaii activities that await you. Pick out a few activities — then, call Hawaii Aloha Travel to check-out the deep discounts available.

4. Hawaii’s Hidden Beauty — Sunshine Helicopters:Although you’ll need to tolerate a bit of self-promotion, Sunshine Helicopters does an amazing job of showcasing Hawaii from an aerial point of view. The narration gives viewers much-needed and interesting information as they enjoy this informative and beautifully-shot video.

The video from the Booking Hunter showcases Honolulu. For those considering a trip to Honolulu, watching this video can help you plan your trip.

5. Maui: The Valley Isle — Amir ZakiriI particularly like the music and lack of narration in this video that showcases all things Maui. The video is a great introduction to Maui, but it also leaves the viewer wanting more. If you only have a few minutes to learn about Maui’s scenic beauty, this may be the right video for you!

Whether you’re a frequent traveler to Hawaii or a newbie coming for the first time, take a few minutes and check-out some of our favorite videos of Hawaii — they will certainly inspire you to book your trip!


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