All of the Lights at Kakaako Waterfront

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Although Kakaako Waterfront Park has been around for years, it seems like people are only starting to take notice now. Several big music concerts have made use of this space, as well as a group that hosted a shoreline cleanup. Before that, the park had only been frequented by walkers or joggers.

That’s because the waterfront park sits right outside of Waikiki, away from the main road and therefore, mostly out of sight. But hopefully a proposed project would start to attract more people to the park. According to a report by KITV, a light exhibit is in the works and could be completed as early as September 2014.

The exhibit would be similar to what we see in Downtown Honolulu during the holidays. Colorful hanging light displays decorate the roadways. This exhibit, however, would be more of a standalone appropriate for any time of year and take up only a small portion of the park. Best of all, it would be powered by photovoltaic panels, so electricity would be minimal.

Because the exhibit would also be next to the ocean, it’s important that the materials are resistant to the sometimes biting ocean spray. Other than that, I think the light display would be a nice addition to the park and really welcome people to Kakaako’s rolling hills, especially at night.