Aaaarrr You into Pirates?

A pirate ship off the coast of Hawaii
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Swashbuckling pirates have been invading the shores of Waikiki and Honolulu Harbor. They come in search of fortune, glory and a crew of pirate misfits like ye self.

But who exactly are these eye-patch-wearing, rye-swilling matey’s, anyway? If ye must know, they’re part of the Hawaii Pirate Ship Adventures fleet; it’s one of the newest attractions in the islands that take adventure seekers from Kewalo Basin Harbor to the Waikiki Natatorium and back.

Those fearless souls who hop aboard the Treasure Seeker, an 83-foot black galleon pirate ship, learn to live the pirate life. But just make sure ye be earning ye keep, or ye will get a kick in the dungbie for being such the landlubber that ye aaaaarrrr.

My brother saw the ship sail past Kakaako Waterfront one evening, which is where he got the above photo. It must have been on a test run because this was before the tours began. He said he had to do a double take because of how peculiar a sight it was. Definitely not something you see everyday! He figured it was either part of a movie set or a new ocean cruise.

Whether ye be a young swashbuckler or an old one, there are tours for all ages. The Lost Treasure Excursion is an interactive day adventure, complete with water-firing cannons and plastic swords. A crew of animated pirate actors liven up the scene on board with a yo ho ho and a bottle of rum. Maybe not the rum…unless you’re on the adult tour.

Then, there are two club-style night tours – an all ages one and one that’s for 21 years and older. The ghostly ships gets decked out with colorful lights and can be seen glowing out to sea. Shiver me timbers! There be music and dancing, too? Enjoy some grog or glass of wine on the adult ship, while taking in the scenic beauty of Waikiki. Just make sure to keep an eye out for treasures, and they promise a share of the booty.


• Day or night cruises right outside of Waikiki • For more info and to make reservations, or 808-593-AHOY (2469)


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