A Digital Scrapbook of Your Hawaii Vacation

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Nowadays, when we show a friend a photo album, we pull out our smart phones and log onto Facebook or Flickr. It’s yet another sign of the times – swapping those bulky old-school ones that took hours to make for a more portable version that fits in your pocket.

Whether that’s a good change or a bad change is up to you, but for more and more travelers today, the convenience of posting pictures online has become their memory albums of places they’ve been, foods they’ve tried and people they’ve met. Not to mention, it’s a great way to keep in touch with friends and family back home. They, too, can travel – vicariously and through your photos.

Best of all, these online albums are instant, as compared to before, when it’d take weeks (sometimes months or even years) before any photos surfaced. They’d have to be printed, organized into albums and captioned…by hand. Now, within moments, all 2,000 of your “friends” can see the coconut you’re currently eating or where you’re about to go snorkeling.

Whether captioning each pic with a few hash tags or a few sentences, these albums become travel journals as well. They allow travelers to describe their experiences; every emotion, every taste, every smell becomes part of the album.

Eventually, these digital travel logs become part of history, getting buried among the dozens of other online albums on your page. But they’ll never create clutter or get dusty – or even worse, get lost. They’re memories meant to share, and thanks to technology, they’re memories that’ll be around for years to come.


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