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Get over jet lag with a little java and a lot of caffeine – I’m talking coffee. At Coffee Talk in Kaimuki, caffeine can come in the form of a cup or a baked good. You’re sure to get a buzz off of one of the menu items or at least buzz off of the vibe inside. A nice mix of college students, old timers, tourists and everyone in between (like pets) create a laid-back environment for studying or just plain chillin’ before a long day of exploring the island.

Muffin, mocha, mocha…doggy treat. Coffee Talk in Kaimuki welcomes everyone.

A cup of mocha java and a chocolate chip espresso muffin always wake me up. Everything’s made fresh and has a real homey feel to each bite. A display of strawberry scones, fudge brownies, banana bread and carrot cake have customers drooling as soon as they walk through the doors. A Red Eye cup of coffee can be intense. Watch out! With two shots of espresso, it will have you bouncing all over the island.

When traveling to a new place, it’s always fun to explore the coffee shops. I do that wherever I go – most recently in New York and San Fran – and usually stumble upon some pretty great finds. It’s a cool place to meet some of the regular “Townies,” including a few four-legged ones. The pet-friendly café welcomes dogs and gives them pooch-tastic treats upon entering. I brought my Chiweenie, and he fit right in.

Pakala’s neck doesn’t seem to be long enough. Perhaps his tongue will add an inch or two.

Subtle hints of liberalism fill your peripheral vision. Look on the walls at hand-painted wooden signs that say stuff like, “I want to believe” or “OBAMA.” My favorite is one that says, “Drink Coffee, Sleep Later.” Sit at the coffee bar, outside near the street or inside, where jazzy tunes and the smell of freshly brewed java dance in the air.

Stop here for something other than coffee, too. They’ve got a fresh menu with reasonable prices – pesto bagel sandwiches and veggie burgers with avocado…yum! Plan the next stop of your island tour while enjoying a quick bite with your old friend, Cup-of-Joe.

Coffee Talk’s one of those rare surprises. From the outside, its dark tinted windows and plain-looking sign make it seem pretty ordinary, but the inside speaks for itself. Talk coffee at the Coffee Talk, and fit right in.

COFFEE TALK • Open Mon-Fri 5am-10pm, Sat-Sun 6am-10pm • 3601 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu, Hawaii 96816 • 808-737-3444 • Free wi-fi, Metered street parking; Near bus stop


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