7 Reasons Visitors Should See Hawaii’s 50th State Fair

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Just about every state has some sort of state fair, so it’s understandable if you’ve seen your fair share and don’t care to see another. BUT, this is Hawaii. And, like many of the things we do here, our fair is uniquely cultural and really cool. So, we’ve put together some reasons why even visitors should take a break from surf lessons and see Hawaii’s 50th State Fair at Aloha Stadium:

1. We’ve finally gone modern: Used to be, people had to stand in one line for ride coupons and another (usually longer one) for food scrip? No more. Starting in 2016, EK Fernandez is introducing the Fun Pass as the main way to pay your way through the fair. One bonus: Besides eliminating two different forms of tickets, you can use a credit card to pay for your fair fun.

2. Everyone loves a free show:  The Anastasini Circus will perform for FREE in a 40-foot-tall tent, that’s almost twice as tall as the tents in the past. With that, comes a new high wire act and aerial stunts that couldn’t be done before.  According to organizers, the first three weeks will feature magic, illusions, the aerial and high wire acts. The last two weeks, families won’t see the magician, but dancing dogs, a pony act and the Russian Swing will debut under the really big top.

3. Who can resist baby animals?: A baby goat was born just hours before the ship docked, but it may not be the only baby animal on display. The petting zoo organizers believe about 12 babies will be born during its month in the islands.

This year, fair-goers will be treated to a new baby goat. And, the petting zoo organizers believe about 12 babies will be born during its month in the islands.

4. A new ride makes everything more fun: Aside from the Zipper and Ferris Wheel, you’ll also get to enjoy the new Equinox this year. The Equinox is a spectacular attraction shipped to Honolulu from the mainland for the 50th State Fair.  Riders will experience controlled flips as they are rotated 75 feet in the air on this spectacular thrill ride.

5. Hawaii loves a party (pass): If you happen to be traveling with a large group of people (10 or more), you could be eligible to purchase the party package. For $30 per person, you get 360 credits, a $36 value. However, you do have to pay $1 a person for the card itself, so it’s really like a bonus $5 to spend. Your group will aslo get a reserved table. This can be handy for parking water bottles, prizes and as a meet-up point throughout the night.Groups bigger than 50 can get a better deal with the Corporate Party Package.

It’s not often that anything is free, but this year’s Anastasini Circus is open to all.

6. Local musicians on tap: When you visit Hawaii’s 50th state fair, you can also time your visit to include local music. Click here to see the line-up of local talent, and get your fill of cotton candy AND local talent in the same day!

7. You (usually) have more flexibility and can avoid the lines: Take advantage of weekday hours (June 9th, the fair is open from 6 pm to midnight) or go early on weekends to avoid the long lines. Lots of locals still go to the fair on Saturdays from 7-9:30 pm. So, pick an alternative day and time to visit, and you’ll be rewarded with shorter lines and crowds.

Sure, there are lots of activities to manage when on vacation in Hawaii, but if you really want a know what the locals are doing on summer nights, check-out Hawaii’s 50th State Fair!


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