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Hawaii vacation planning: now more than ever!

There are many changes taking place in Hawaii as efforts to put the pandemic behind us continue. This is why it is so important to get the help of resident Hawaii vacation experts when planning a Hawaii vacation.

Most importantly, Hawaii’s steps toward reaching 70% full vaccination are moving ahead. Further incentives have been introduced as Hawaii’s vaccination rate approaches 60% and appears to be plateauing. Hawaii’s success in curbing the spread of COVID have been successful, and overwhelming demand for accommodations, transportation, and dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities are at record highs.

Hyatt Maui Beach
Increasingly rare quiet time at Hyatt Maui Beach.

Attendance at popular attractions is at capacity and is likely to remain there throughout the summer. This has resulted in some drastic efforts to reduce overcrowding. The reservation/entry fee for visitors over 12 years old has more than doubled to $25 at Hanauma Bay, one of Hawaii’s most popular visitor destinations. Reservations are filling as fast as they become available.

A proposal on Maui would require a toll/fee for visitors taking the Road to Hana. Maui Mayor Mike Victorino has requested that airlines limit the number of available flights to the Valley Isle to stem the quickly rising tide of mainland arrivals.

Hyatt Maui Exterior
Hawaii’s resorts are reaching full capacity.

On Oahu, the popular Maunawili Falls hiking trail will be closed for much-needed repairs and maintenance brought on by vastly increased traffic and heightened potential for injury. Fire and rescue crews and resources are stretched thin as reports of visiting hikers and beachgoers needing rescue arrive daily.

These developments are happening quickly. For example, the popular Koko Crater hiking trail was closed this morning for the removal of a large beehive. This was surely a surprise to the many who set out on the trail every morning.

The calm amid a storm of Hawaii visitor arrivals.

The notion of a “quick Hawaiian getaway” has gone out the window as capacities max-out, leaving those without a well-planned itinerary facing limited options. Because the on-the-ground realities of a Hawaii vacation are changing on a near-daily basis, having experts who are here and monitoring the situation is vital to getting the most from your holiday during a time of unprecedented demand.

Dream Hawaii vacations are simply no longer “a click away”. The experience and expertise of Hawaii tourism veterans (like us here at Hawaii Aloha Travel) can and will make the difference between a hectic scramble for accommodations and services, and a hassle-free escape to paradise. Now is not the time to book airfare and “see what happens”.

We know what happens: long lines, severely limited transportation options, crowded attractions. When Hawaii’s de facto “vaccination passport” takes effect on July 8, we can expect further overcrowding issues to surface, beyond even what we are now facing.

It takes careful planning to be this care-free.

Restaurants and local businesses are overwhelmed with high demand and many are severely understaffed. The common “know before you go” maxim has taken on more gravity than being clever catchphrase about being prepared.

Let us help you understand what booking a Hawaii vacation involves in these quickly changing circumstances. The perfect Hawaii vacation is still to be had, thankfully. Our resident experts and agents have the up-to-the-minute information you’ll need to plan yours.  

Posted by: Jamie Winpenny on Jun 30, 2021