All Clear! No reported cases of coronavirus in Hawaii

Incoming Hawaii visitors may find themselves concerned about the spread of the coronavirus in Hawaii, as news of new cases around the world are is making headlines around the world. The Hawaii State Department of Health (DOH) has held a press conference to address those concerns and update the public about efforts to prevent cases in Hawaii.

Hawaii Governor David Ige said on Wednesday, January 29 that there have been no reported cases of the coronavirus in the State of Hawaii. DOH Director Bruce Anderson said that the risk of infection in the Unites States is “very, very low,” but that steps are being taken to increase surveillance for the virus in Hawaii.

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport in Honolulu has joined a group of 20 US ports of entry screening entrants for the coronavirus. Officials have received several reports of concern over the virus. State epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Park has said, “We investigate every single report and there are no cases of concern.”

Coronavirus has not yet reached these shores. Image: Jamie Winpenny

The coronavirus has flu-like symptoms and is of particular concern to people in Hawaii experiencing them. The DOH and other officials advise those who have traveled to the parts of China that have been affected by the virus and have flu symptoms to seek medical attention, and to notify healthcare providers of their recent travels.

What all of this means for current and incoming Hawaii visitors is that there is no reason to alter your Hawaii vacation plans. While other mainland cities have reported cases of the coronavirus, Hawaii thus far remains unaffected by the alarming spread of the disease in China and other destinations around the world.

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The DOH advises residents and visitors alike to get their flu shot, as the coronavirus and the flu have similar symptoms. Preventing the flu is a key part of screening for the coronavirus. The World Health Organization has just declared the coronavirus a “global health emergency”.

Coronavirus in Hawaii is not a thing. Life goes on. Image: Jamie Winpenny

So as far as the coronavirus in Hawaii is concerned, we’ve been given the “all clear” by local, state and federal agencies. The threat remains, however, as Hawaii is a major port of entry for arrivals from China. Officials are taking all possible steps to keep coronavirus out of the Aloha State. Hawaii was a model of preventing the Zika Virus and Dengue Fever from spreading in recent years.

There is no need for concerns about the coronavirus to change your Hawaii vacation travel plans. We here at Hawaii Aloha Travel are monitoring the situation closely and will gladly answer any questions Hawaii visitors may have about the coronavirus in Hawaii.