Top Six New Hawaii Travel Gadgets for 2017!

I can think of about a million reasons I love ringing-in a new year, and one of them is because of all the new “lists” I get to explore. One of my favorites to share with readers? The best new Hawaii travel gadgets!

So, read-on to learn more about these super-smart gadgets that will change the way you travel to paradise, courtesy of

1. Bibelib: I just saw one of these handy-dandy gadgets at the airport a couple weeks ago, and it was another “why didn’t I think of this?” moment! “The Bibelib is a slip for your suitcase that tracks your luggage and comes with insurance. If it gets lost, a QR code on the luggage helps people identify who it belongs to and how to get it back to you.”

2. Modobag: It wasn’t too long ago that I was dragging my kids around the airport on their ridable luggage. But, this gadget is one step better! It’s called  the Modobag ($1,495), the suitcase you can ride. “It looks like a regular suitcase, except that it comes with charging outlets and can go up to eight miles per hour.”

Motion sickness can ruin anyone's vacation. Reliefbank Neurowave promises to provide much needed help.

3. Movpack: If you like the sound of the Modobag, the Movpack ($799, originally $999, preorder) is also right up your alley. “It’s a backpack that comes equipped with an electric skateboard. It goes up to 15 miles per hour, comes with a remote and antitheft alarm, and so much more. You can buy it in six colors and two different weight models.”

4. Hybrid Smartwatches: This is for the traveler who wants the convenience of a smartphone, without the hassle. Many hybrid smartwatches, like the newest one from Armani Exchange ($175), will track your steps and sleep and alert you of any notifications from your phone.

5. Reliefband Neurowave: I can’t tell you how many outings we’ve had to nix due to my middle child’s motion sickness. But, no more! “Control your nausea anywhere with Reliefband Neurowave ($150). The newest addition looks like a fitness tracker and comes with 10 “intensity settings” to help you feel less nauseous. It’s perfect for anyone who gets queasy on their commute or on planes and boats. You can also get the previous version of the product for $95.”

Hair care on the road can be difficult to navigate, but Kerastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings make it much more manageable.

6. Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings: I’ve always had thin, stringy hair. So, I’m pretty sure I’m a lost cause. But, a new gadget is on the market that can help those with unruly hair navigate the humid Hawaii weather. “With the Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings ($200), you can learn more about what’s happening to your hair and how to fix it. The brush can track a variety of factors like how you brush your hair and if you’re combing too vigorously, and it takes into account the humidity and wind levels in your area. With all this information, it gives you a score and recommends tips on what you can do to help your hair.” This is especially helpful for those who participate in Hawaii activities, such as parasailing, paragliding, and horseback riding!

The Hawaii travel gadgets get better and better every year, and they’re all intended to make your vacation a little better. So, grab the newest gadgets, and travel to Hawaii in style!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher