Taste the Food of Hawaii – One Page at a Time

If you’re not fortunate enough to be in the islands and taste the food of Hawaii (yet), you can still experience our delicious and unique cuisine — just head to your local book store!

Restaurateur Bill Tobin, co-owner of Tiki’s Grill & Bar in Honolulu, just announced the launch of his new book titled, Food To Write Home About: Hawaii. And, it’s now available to those who love food, Hawaii, and a great story.

More than just a food book, the story is more of a culinary journey that began when Tobin moved to Hawaii from a small farming town in Nebraska to attend college, and quickly fell in love with the people and culture. It was here that he made his home and eventually would raise his family.

In the 176-page book, readers can follow Tobin’s journey as he tastes his way through paradise and evolves his palate, just as a life in the restaurant world unfolds before him. Readers have the opportunity to experience Tobin’s love of Hawaii cuisine through a combination of  stunning imagery — captured by Olivier Koning — and correspondences from a loving son to his mother.

Bill Tobin's new book, "Food to Write Home About," combines the author's personal food journey with stunning photos and stories about today's innovative Hawaii chefs.

As this “love story” unfolds, readers will also learn more about the innovative chefs who are turning the perception of “Hawaiian cuisine” on its head. Leaving “Asian fusion” fare in the dust, this new crop of globally savvy culinary talent is utilizing local ingredients to create a completely new category of Hawaiian cuisine.

As Tobin reflects on the ingredients and dishes that transported him from the farmlands of Nebraska to Honolulu, Brian Berusch gets inside the kitchens (and minds) of Hawaii’s top chefs. What’s revealed in the book blends nostalgia and comfort with groundbreaking dishes — each of which is detailed in recipe format.

Food To Write Home About includes a wide range of chefs from the State of Hawaii, starting with some of the most recognized forefathers of Hawaiian Regional Cuisine — Alan Wong, Roy Yamaguchi, Chef Mavro and more. Also included are a number of second- and third-generation chefs who trained under these notable chefs, now having branched out on their own and incorporating global practices and techniques. Additional chefs included in the book include: Ed Kenny, Andrew Le, Lee Ann Wong, Chris Kajioka and more.

When you DO have the opportunity to visit Hawaii, you and your fellow foodies can experience “local” cuisine at its most-authentic — Hawaii Aloha Travel’s Aloha Plate Touran exclusive food tour to some of the best local spots on the island. Curated and hosted by Food Network’s “The Great Food Truck Race” winners Lanai Tabura, Adam Tabura and Shawn Felipe, this popular tour introduces you to the rich, cultural food of Hawaii that’s not ALWAYS on the road-most-traveled.

Food To Write Home About is currently available for pre-order on Amazon.com or can be purchased at Tiki’s Grill & Bar. It will be available in additional retail outlets on the island of Oahu. You can visit FoodToWriteHomeAbout.com/ to purchase as well.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher