Local Hawaii Business Hopes to Ride the “Pokémon Go” Frenzy!

What do you get when you take a smartphone app craze, add a bit of good timing, and a whole lot of creativity? A great money-making opportunity!

That’s what local business owner, Bruce Fisher, hopes will happen if he can figure out how to tap into the popularity of the new smartphone app,”Pokémon Go,” now the most popular smartphone app EVER in the United States.
“There’s no real business model for a company like ours just yet that I can find, but I would love to get ahead of the “game” and drum up some new business. We’re trying to figure it all out” Fisher says.

It seems like the company that created the app, Niantic (owned by Nintendo), is trying to figure that out too; plans are in the works to drive sales to local businesses. For now, local vendors can only buy tokens to “lure” customers close to their establishments and cannot create “training gyms” which attract more players. Also, there’s a technical hurdle that needs to be overcome because the app uses GPS.

Fisher owns two travel companies based in Honolulu: Hawaii Aloha Travel, which offers discount travel and tours to Hawaii visitors, and Hawaii Jeep Tours, which features a variety of tours in customized Jeeps throughout the islands.

So, how does a crafty business-owner monetize the “Pokémon Go” in Hawaii craze? Fisher says he has some ideas:

1. Post-It!: It may be “no-frills,” but one of the easiest ways to draw attention to your business is through social media. Fisher says he wants “Pokémon Go” users to post pictures of themselves at different Poké stops and share them on social media for a prize. For example: Find a rare Pokémon at a place like Kapiolani Park snap a pic and you’ll win a Toy Jeep prize his company produces for promotional purposes, and then be featured on the Hawaii Aloha Travel or Hawaii Jeep Tours Facebook pages.

2. Lure ‘Em In: Fisher says he’s considering using “Pokémon Go” “lures” to bring in potential business, but since there’s no way to identify where the lures are coming from t’s problematic. Fisher says he trying to partner with an existing business which has a storefront business to we’ll “lure” people to his business.

Here’s some ideas:

  • Purchase Pokécoins through the “Pokémon Go” app.
  • Use those Pokécoins to purchase packs of lures, which will increase the rate of Pokémon generation in the area around the Poke stop. At the site, the Pokémon will be placed for one-half hour.
  • Sit back and wait for the crowds to come. Anyone using the “Pokémon Go” app can see the Pokémon near your site. And, if you believe the hype, you could have dozens or more people “lured” to your site within minutes.

3. A “Pokémon Go” Tour?: Since Fisher owns and operates Hawaii Jeep Tours, he’s also considering creationg a specialized “Pokémon Go” Jeep Tour. If you love the islands AND love “Pokémon Go” too, you can actually combine the two for a day of Pokémon in paradise! When you stop at different Poké stops, capture the available Pokémon while a tour guide shares his knowledge about the app. Talk about multi-tasking!

Smart business-owners like Bruce Fisher are already brainstorming ways to turn the “Pokémon Go” in Hawaii craze into cash. And, YOU can benefit, too — where Bruce Fisher is, rare Pokémon often follow!