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Travel Insurance for Your Hawaii Vacation? Part 1

Just imagine you’ve saved an entire year (or more) to pay for your dream Hawaii vacation when — BAM! — something goes terribly wrong, and you have to cancel everything.

Although it’s rare, it happens.

And, when it does, the right travel insurance could reimburse you for most, if not all, of your travel-related expenses. The tricky part is deciding if you need travel insurance for your Hawaii vacation. And, if so, which kind to purchase.

Here are some tips to help you decide, including some ideas from the Huffington Post:

Say “yes” to travel insurance:

  • IF YOUR VACATION COSTS A BUNDLE: Anything more than $5,000 is considered a “big-ticket” purchase, and it should be insured.
Luxury hotels, like the Halekulani hotel on Oahu, can cost more than $500 per night. So, it's worth purchasing travel insurance if you are planning an expensive vacation.
  • IF YOU’RE A NERVOUS NELLIE and just need the peace of mind that comes with having a policy.
  • IF YOU’RE CRUISING OR TAKING A PACKAGE TOUR. In the old days, cruise lines and package tour companies used to be flexible when it came to rebooking trips and refunds. Not anymore. A policy can protect you. If you book an NCL Pride of America Hawaii Cruise Package through Hawaii Aloha Travel, you may want to ask about purchasing travel insurance for your trip.
  • IF YOU HAVE A COMPLICATED ITINERARY: If you’re on a tour with a lot of moving parts, then insurance could be useful. When one part doesn’t go as planned, the right policy can help you make a quick recovery and avoid a domino effect.
  • IF YOU HAVE UNPREDICTABLE CHILDREN: If you’re like me, you have multiple children who can get sick anytime. If your children have a history of multiple illnesses, you may want to consider purchasing travel insurance because we all know one of them will get sick the day before your trip.
Cruise companies used to be more flexible if travelers cancelled or changed vacation plans. But that's not the case anymore. So if you are going on a cruise, consider buying travel insurance.

Don’t bother buying travel insurance:

  • IF IT’S A SHORT, simple, and inexpensive domestic trip.
  • IF YOU’RE SPENDING LESS THAN $5,000, or if you don’t mind losing the value of your trip should something happen before or during your vacation. Also, if you have insurance that would cover a medical emergency or medical evacuation, you may not need a policy.
  • IF YOUR TRIP INCLUDES COMPONENTS THAT AREN’T COVERED BY INSURANCE. For example, say you’re staying at a friend’s house, using a flight voucher, or redeeming frequent flier miles for your vacation. Travel insurance would probably be minimally useful. (Some travel insurance policies may cover the cost of redepositing miles when you need to cancel for a covered reason.)
  • IF YOU HAVE A PRE-EXISTING MEDICAL CONDITION THAT WOULDN’T BE COVERED. Read your policy carefully; some travel insurance policies do cover existing medical conditions when certain requirements are met. Normally, preexisting conditions that are controlled are covered if the policy is purchased within a certain time following initial deposit and payment of your trip.

Our next post will examine which kinds of travel insurance for your Hawaii vacation are most useful and how to find the right insurance for your trip.

Stay tuned!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 2, 2016