Will Rain Nix Hawaii Five-0 Sunset on the Beach Event?

Is Mother Nature a Hawaii Five-O Fan?

Hawaii Five-O fans have already started arriving for the show’s much-anticipated premiere at Sunset on the Beach, but the event could be in jeopardy if tomorrow’s weather takes a turn for the worse.

AlohaBruce from Hawaii-Aloha Travel is keeping an eye on the forecast and plans to be on the red carpet himself, interviewing the cast of the popular drama. However, Saturday, heavy rain is expected all day, and forecasters are prepared to issue yet another Flash Flood Watch or Warning if heavy rain starts to create hazardous conditions.

The weather Friday was cloudy with some rain. Oahu was under a flash flood warning.

Friday morning, a CBS spokeswoman for the show told the Honolulu Star Advertiser, “We are praying for sunshine but if the weather is anything like today we are pulling the plug.”

She said a decision will be made Saturday morning.

The Hawaii Five-O premiere red carpet event is, by far, the biggest date for fans, cast, and crew all year. The 2015 party kicks off the sixth season of the show, and attracts thousands of participants every year. Every year, fans head to Queen’s Surf Beach in droves for the advance screening of the new season’s first episode. There, you can watch the cast of the show, dressed in designer suits and dresses, walk along a red carpet stretched across the sand, greeting fans and posing for photos.

However, heavy rain could be a real problem for the event, especially if it interferes with technical equipment used for screening the first episode of the new season.

The National Weather Service is predicting between a 50% and 55%  percent chance of “heavy rain” Saturday, as the remnants of former Hurricane Jimena continue to pull rain from the south.

The Weather Channel is predicting rain during the red carpet event Saturday.

Weather Service meteorologist Bob Burke told the Honolulu Star Advertiser, “There is also a slight chance of thunderstorms tomorrow.” He added, “There are going to be passing showers throughout the day but predicting where and when this far out is not really possible.”

Temperatures will also be high with humidity levels making it feel like 100 degrees in some locations, according to the weather service forecast.

“The temperatures have been into the low 90s and with the high humidity levels, it will be very uncomfortable,” Burke said.

No doubt, fans won’t mind getting a bit wet, if it means catching a glimpse of their favorite cast-members from the show. But, CBS seems to be cautiously watching the weather. So, stay tuned to Hawaii-Aloha Travel and Aloha Bruce for the latest news and weather, so you can make your plans for the Hawaii Five-O premiere.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher