Technical Glitch Impacts Hawaii Flights

If you’re traveling to or from Hawaii, you may want to check the status of your United flights before you leave for the airport.

According to the Hawaii Tourism Authoirity, the technical disruptions that United Airlines experienced Wednesday morning has caused some temporary delays for outbound Hawaii flights. However, there may be additional delays for visitors arriving to Hawaii via United flights from the continental U.S. and international destinations.

USA Today reports that a computer glitch grounded many United Airlines flights for two hours Wednesay morning. The airline said it had canceled four “mainline” United flights and 55 operated by its United Express affiliates. Delays were more widespread, with about 800 across United’s nationwide network as of early Wednesday afternoon.

United Airlines flights into and out of the Honolulu International Airport may be delayed.

While United’s systems are up and running, the Hawaii Tourism Authority is advising visitors who are traveling today to check the status of their flight prior to leaving for the airport.

There’s good news if you need to change your flight, however. As posted on United’s website, the airline is waiving change fees and any differences in fares departing between July 8 and July 10, 2015. Additionally, customers scheduled to travel Wednesday were being permitted to change their plans without penalty—with some restrictions—to avoid problems while the airline works to get back on schedule.

United is just one of the companies affected by the “faulty router.” The New York Stock Exchange and The New York Times were also affected by the same technical problem. According to USA Today, the technical issue was not caused by terrorists.

United suffered several similar reservation system glitches since its merger with Continental in 2010. The most recent came June 2, when United temporarily grounded its nationwide schedule for about 30 minutes in the morning due to what it said was a technical glitch. United never specified the cause. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) labeled it as an “automation issue.” That’s the same language used when the agency issued a temporary ground stop for Wednesday’s outage.

United Airlines experienced technical issues that caused delays and cancellations Wednesday.

United brings more passengers to Hawaii than any other airline. It’s one of the largest airlines and a founding member of the Star Alliance, which offers numerous flights each day between major U.S. cities and Lihue (Kauai), Honolulu (Oahu), Kahului (Maui), and Kona (Big Island). They offer non-stop flights to Hawaii from their hubs in Chicago (O’Hare), Denver, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

According to USA Today, 87 flights were grounded for two hours out of Chicago, 47 flights out of San Francisco, 68 flights out of Denver, and 36 flights out of Los Angeles. The grounded flights were those operated by United only, not by any of its United Express regional partners.

So, if you’re traveling to Hawaii using United Airlines over the next two days—or leaving Hawaii over the next two days—it’s important that you check with the airline to confirm your flight is, indeed, on time. If you discover any delays or cancellations, you may be able to change your plans without paying a fee. To learn more about the Hawaii flights, delays, and cancellations, you can view a video explaining what happened. Just visit the United Airlines Facebook page.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher