Suzarita’s oil paintings capture Hawaii’s essence

It’s quite a thing when an artist chooses to become one, particularly in Hawaii, where there is an almost obscene amount of inspiration and a whole lot of aspiring artists trying to make a career out of the abundance of fodder for expression that paradise offers.

Suzy “Suzarita” Seymour is someone who has made that choice, at no minor peril, to become just such an artist. Studied at the University of Hawaii, Suzarita has honed the aspects of technique, color, and composition that relevant oil painting demands, and she’s poised and determined to establish herself as a worthy presence in an artistic marketplace that demands authenticity, diligence, and a deeply personal experience and understanding of what it means to be a part of Hawaii.

Her work is stylized, be it interpretive portraiture, landscapes, or the hand-drawn marble drink coasters that have become an instant hit among both visitors and residents of the Aloha State. Her work is vibrant and her style is immediately recognizable.

A single mother of a (predictably) precocious 6-year-old girl, Suzarita has worked as a flight attendant, surf instructor, and other employs that have shaped her clearly rounded world view. Hers is a story that bespeaks a love for and commitment to communicating the uniqueness of Hawaii’s countless charms.

Her shock of blond hair and deep, bespeckled tan are proof enough of her love for the ocean. Her daughter surfs (better than I do, probably). But it is her art that hearkens to a deeper love for Hawaii. A child of Colorado, Suzarita has been a committed Hawaii resident since the early 90s. After a stint painting and studying the works of the great Impressionists in France, whose work informs her own, she returned to Hawaii with a steely but warm resolve to being an artist.

“I’m practically a local,” she says, without a trace of irony or sarcasm. “I’m still learning.”

Suzarita will hold her first gallery exhibit at the upcoming First Friday event in Honolulu’s Chinatown Arts District at the Chinatown Artists’ Loft. She’ll also enjoy exhibition space at July’s First Friday proceedings, too.

There are a lot of ways for visitors, and residents for that matter, to commemorate the special moments that forge the kind of indelible memories that Hawaii engenders in those fortunate enough to experience them.

Suzy “Suzarita” Seymour has found a way to parlay her love for Hawaii and for the ocean, and her obvious artistic vision and talent, into a viable career as a painter. She creates portraits and landscapes that are immediately identifiable as products of the Aloha State. Her ingenious use of media, particularly her deftness with oil on canvass and Posca pen on marble, has already established her as an important Hawaii artist. Offering original works as well as giclee prints, Suzarita is demonstrating that an artist with a love for the islands can pass that love on.

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Posted by: Jamie Winpenny