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What’s New on the North Shore

Oahu’s North Shore is infamous for their food trucks. Scattered from Haleiwa to Hau‘ula, these casual eateries have made a name for themselves, and many Oahu visitors make a special trip north to experience their foods. While many of the trucks specialize in shrimp, there are tens of others that offer different flavors too. It seems a new truck pops up every other month too, which is great news for North Shore residents, since they’re all within walking (or biking) distance of home!

In case it’s been a while since you driven along the North Shore, or if you’re a newcomer to the area, here’s a look at a few of the newest food trucks that have sprouted up along the Seven Mile Miracle.

Sandy’s Sandwiches
This tiny little sandwich spot usually posts up at the east side of Shark’s Cove under the shade. Painted bright turquoise and blue, it’s easy to spot, and the owner also usually has his dog hanging out with him too. The menu is short and sweet. All items are organic. The bread is fresh and the produce is local. Ryan, the owner, even makes his own honey mustard that he slathers on the bread, which is ridiculously delicious. Sandwiches run about $10 each, which is a wonderfully reasonable price for a local, organic and tasty meal!

The top seller is the Chicken Brie sandwich, but Ryan is also keen on creating customized sandwiches for customers, or turning any sandwich into a salad. The location is perfect because after you get your meal you can walk to Shark’s Cove and enjoy a Sandy’s sandwich in the sand. Just don’t get any on your bread buns!

The Garden Oven
Who doesn’t love brick oven pizza? This little food truck cooks up pizza from day until night and usually posts up somewhere around the Ehukai parking lot (near Pipeline). Another one-man show, the owner Raul offers a basic 14-inch cheese pizza for $14 and additional toppings (pepperoni, onion, mushroom, olives and garlic) for $1 each. Basic and delicious.

These brick oven pizzas are fresh, hot and non greasy, making the splurge seem a little more healthy. Also, Raul strives to use local and non-GMO products as much as possible, so you know you’re eating well with The Garden Oven! Grab your pizza to go and eat it along the beach or at the picnic tables at Ehukai Beach Park. There are plenty of places to sit down and enjoy your fresh, local meal.

Elephant Thai
This truck just recently changed locations, and its new one is a complete upgrade. Situated across from the public beach entrance at Off the Wall, (mauka side), this food truck has created a cozy and youthful atmosphere for its patrons. Tiki torches ward off mosquitoes, umbrellas keep you sheltered from the rain and picnic tables provide an eating space. This Elephant Thai truck is basically an outdoor restaurant on the North Shore that is an ideal dinner spot.

The menu, like most food trucks, is not extensive, but it hits all the basics. Pad Thai, papaya salad, panang curry and the likes are offered here, and you can chose between ‘mild’ spiciness, ‘lil spice’ or Thai spicy’ for an extra kick. They even offer Thai iced tea as a refresher, so if you’re in the mood for Thai food and looking for an outdoor sit down style ambiance, this is the spot!

Seven Brothers
This food truck is a branch of the Seven Brothers restaurant in Laie, which makes many North Shore locals happy since their classic fries and burgers are now within walking distance from home! The menu is divided up between ‘Pre Surf’ and ‘Post Surf’, which are basically lighter meals (salads, sandwiches and sides) versus burgers. But if you’re going to Seven Brothers, go big and get a burger!

Located in the parking lot of the Chevron gas station across from Sunset Beach, Seven Brothers grills up tasty meals and some of the best fries on the island. There’s no seating area here though, so get your burger and fries to go and find a nice slice of sand at Sunset Beach. If you want their sit-down experience with wider menu options, try Seven Brothers in the Laie shopping center.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 24, 2014