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Journeys: Oahu Family Fun

Designed to give mom, dad, and the keikis some good old-fashioned Hawaii playtime, the Family Fun Journey weaves the group in and around to some of the most popular spots in Waikiki. Known as Hawaii’s playground, we’re serving up a slice of paradise that we believe everyone will enjoy, no matter what age you’re at or attitude you have.

Whether the kids are eager to explore or just wanting to get the heck away from the parentals, this Journey, (while you do still have to travel together), will allow the family to experience the lighter side of life that will appeal to the kid in everyone. Stay young at heart with this Family Fun Journey.

Eggs N’ Things
A favorite breakfast spot among the locals, this cozy family diner style restaurant serves… lots of eggs and lots of other things. Cooked up are large portions of tasty breakfasts for reasonable prices, just don’t go cross-eyed trying to choose a pancake flavor (some of which include pineapple, coconut, chocolate chip, and macadamia nut). Seriously though, who can beat a keiki menu that ranges from $4.75 to $5.75? Go ahead and splurge, because this is the place to stuff yourself with tastes you can only find in Hawaii.
Honolulu Zoo
Don’t be fooled by the thought of a Hawaiian zoo because there is much more than just caged geckos and chickens (in fact, I don’t even think they have geckos OR chickens at this zoo!). Strolling through the pathways from exhibit to exhibit has got to be the most exciting part about visiting the zoo, because you never know what lies ahead! (Parents: hold onto the map and let the kids explore on their own). Make sure to carve out time for the safari section, giraffes, elephants, and monkeys are a real crowd pleaser. Also, keep an eye out for wandering peacocks and don’t feel guilty about turning down the over-priced family photo, the zoo paparazzi won’t take it too hard.
Waikiki Beach
There is nothing like cooling off and playing around in the warm waters of Waikiki. Any beach sport you can think of; volleyball, snorkeling, swimming, surfing, or simply a bit of sun basking, is available to you here. Since the kids all have different ideas of what they want to do at the beach, we’re taking you to the ultimate playground. Great for people watching, beach walks, and splashing around, Waikiki beach is too iconic (and enjoyable) to not have on our Family Fun Journey. And with sheltered waters, the shoreline is safe year round.
Moena Café
We’re taking you to another local spot, because this cute little café is great for their local flavors made with local ingredients. Serving up breakfasts, brunch, and lunch, Moena Café has the grilled cheese and macaroni for the kids and the espresso bar and gourmet paninis for the adults. But it doesn’t just stop here, this place has an extensive menu, and for those who demand pancakes for lunch, don’t worry! Breakfast is served all day. The place fills up quick in the morning but is less crowded for lunch. Just make sure to get there before they close at 3:00pm, you don’t want to miss this unique Hawaii Kai gem.
Hanauma Bay
Despite the crowd and hype of this place, it still remains one of the most vibrant snorkeling reefs on Oahu. Which is why we recommend it. Not only is it teeming with an underwater display of life, it’s also protected and safe for swimmers year round, making it a perfect place for kids. You can rent snorkel gear right here at the bay, so don’t worry about lugging everything around with you all day. And be sure to pay attention to the short video upon entrance to the nature preserve because it will educate you on proper protocol when snorkeling in a protected, fragile environment. Hanauma Bay truly is a beautiful experience, so try not to be too deterred by the crowds.
Bay View Mini-Putt
Miniature golfing at its finest! With two different courses (the Pali and the LikeLike), the whole family will enjoy putting along 36 holes of the tropical, outdoor setting of this miniature golf course. This location also offers ziplining, which is a thrilling activity we are sure everyone will want to try. The only location on Oahu that offers this activity, both the golfing and zipling are available during the day and at night. Create teams for a friendly competition or let the kids set sail on their own. We’re sure mom and dad would enjoy a lively game of couples golf anyways.
Dean’s Drive-Inn
This small little restaurant is kid-friendly, family oriented, and delicious. Dean’s Drive-Inn grills up local kine grinds and offers great service, friendly staff, and flexibility that is oh-so-important when dining with the keiki (especially after a long day!). A gourmet version of Hawaiian plate lunches, you can expect to find island renowned ahi cakes, teriyaki beef, and tasty local desserts like haupia bread pudding to top off the night. A great deal and a fun experience, Dean’s is the place to be on the windward side of Oahu, especially for quick, easy, and affordable dinners.
Sunset on the Beach
This family fun activity is available in the summer time on weekends, so if you’ve lucked out on these criteria, make sure to post up for an entertaining flick. A family movie plays on the 30-foot screen right on the sandy beach, so be sure to bring chairs and blankets and maybe some popcorn for the kids and a bottle of wine for the adults. This is a great way to relax before the night begins, we just hope the keiki don’t fall asleep under the stars!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jun 17, 2014