Things you can request from Hotels in Hawaii

One of the biggest aspects to creating a Hawaii vacation is your hotel. It dictates your home’ for however many days you’re away, but also plays a big role in your comfort level, the state of relaxation and your sense of satisfaction. Why? Because your hotel room is typically where you rest, relax and rejuvenate. Whether you enjoy a mid-day nap on the bed, reading out on your personal lanai or cooking a meal in the kitchen, your hotel provides a sense of solace that is necessary during a much-needed vacation.

Which is why we’re giving you tips on how to make the most out of your hotel. Putting in a request at your desired hotel property can go one of two ways. You are either granted the request or you’re not. Remember, just because you request something doesn’t mean you’ll get it. Most hotels try their very best to accommodate and please their guests, but some requests might conflict with prior arrangements. Or your request might not be possible within the hotel’s limitations. Whatever the case, do know that the people at the front desk are trained to be accommodating and helpful.

The number 1 thing visitors request of a hotel is bedding. Can I get a king-sized bed please? I need two doubles. I’d like a foldout couch please. I need a rollaway. We’ll need a crib. Most of these comments are simply requests, not guarantees. But placing a request is a good start to your Hawaii vacation. Especially if it means the comfort of your sleeping hours. Be sure to call 1 to 2 days prior to your arrival to check on your request. This is a good way to make sure front desk is aware of the request you put in when you booked your room.

Here’s something you might not know. Most 1 to 3-star hotels don’t usually have king-sized beds in their double (or even single) occupancy rooms. They only have queens. But if you’re set on a king bed, call the hotel in advance to check if they even HAVE them at the hotel. You don’t want to fly all the way out to Hawaii only to discover the hotel you booked doesn’t even stock king-sized beds for their rooms.

Also, some requests are free while others may cost money. Like a rollaway bed for example. Free amenity or costly request? Rollaway beds almost always cost money, so don’t be surprised when you request one and see it show up on your final bill at checkout. These types of amenities are not per gratis, and neither is a crib. Although most hotels have them if you need one.

If you are booking multiple rooms in one hotel, you can request either a connecting room or an adjoining room. Here’s the difference. A connecting room has a door inside the rooms that gives access to both rooms, whereas an adjoining room is just two hotel rooms next door to one another. You can also request things like a room on a higher (or lower) floor, non smoking rooms (but these days we’re actually seeing more people requesting rooms where they CAN smoke), ADA compliant rooms, pet-friendly rooms and rooms with special occasion amenities like jet tubs, his and hers sinks, fireplaces (in Hawaii?!) or a more spacious corner room.

If you request something like an ocean view or poolside room, please note these types of inquiries more than likely cost money. But I’ve always stuck by the motto of it never hurts to ask. As long as another guest is not within earshot, try your luck with front desk. And also inquire about the amenities of the hotel, because chances are there are some freebies you never even knew about. Like continental breakfasts, free kids activities, bottled water in the hotel room, or complimentary toiletries like razors or toothbrushes. Hey, if you’re paying for it, you might as well take advantage of it, right?

Posted by: Bruce Fisher