Overcoming Sticker Shock on your Hawaii Vacation

Travel is something that has been a part of my life from the day I was born. I come from a multicultural, international family. So when Hawaii Aloha Travel came into my life, it was a natural partnership. I’m always the travel planner for friends and family. I love researching and enjoy finding travel bargains.

Living in Hawaii, we often get used to the price of living and staying in paradise. I waited seven years to be awarded a parking spot at a previous job. Later, I paid $350 a month for parking while working for a public relations company in downtown Honolulu. While that $350 parking space stung the first week, I realized that I live in paradise. Instead of the beautiful sunny and breezy 85 degrees, I could be walking in 4 feet of snow in -7 degrees Fahrenheit. Yes, everything costs a little more in Hawaii because we are the most isolated state in the USA. Most goods must be shipped to Hawaii, from the silverware at a restaurant to the gas in your rental car. Our sales tax is relatively low at 4.5 percent. Other tourist destinations like Las Vegas have a sales tax of 8.1 percent. When I tell people how much a gallon of milk costs in Hawaii they often experience sticker shock. Without a coupon, you could pay more than $7 for a gallon of milk. If you know where to shop, such as the big box membership stores, it’s much cheaper. Still, it’s the initial sting that hurts like rubber band snapping against your wrist.

There is a common saying in Hawaii, “Ah! The price we pay to live in paradise!” It’s true, we say it all the time and there is logic behind the saying. I remember pricing a travel package for someone recently and then came the sticker shock. Think about it for just a moment, sunshine 365 days a year, temperatures at a nice 77 F to 85 F degrees, no snow, clean sandy beaches, rainbows, endless outdoor activities, it’s all free. We don’t have to buy winter clothes or winter shoes. We don’t have to worry about heating our homes or shoveling snow. Most people are not in a huff or hurry in Hawaii. On the roadways you won’t hear people honking when someone sits at a green light. In Hawaii, the aloha spirit permeates just about every experience, every day. If one lacks the aloha spirit you might hear them say, “Eh! Where’s the aloha spirit?”

There simply isn’t a price tag on the aloha spirit.

As for costs, the state imposes a hotel room tax which ends up on your hotel bill. Hotel parking can cost you anywhere from $17 to $32 a day in Waikiki and you won’t find a Holiday Inn at $65 a night. Some people have never seen hotel prices like they have in Hawaii. So when the estimate comes in for your hotel room, your car rental and amenities it’s easy to jump out of your seat and say, “What?!” It’s tough to compare Hawaii hotels to your local motel. In fact, you can’t compare it.

Some people save their entire lives to come to Hawaii. They will tell you it’s worth every penny. The powdery sand beaches, endangered seal’s sunning on the beach, red hot lava flowing from a volcano, waterfalls, as well as species of fish, plants, and birds that you will not find anywhere else on earth. At Hawaii Aloha Travel we are bargain hunters. Sometimes it’s just a matter of finding what fits your budget. We can narrow down months or days that are less expensive, we can look at amenities that might not be necessary and all kinds of tricks to help you save while getting the most of your trip. We can help make your paradise adventure affordable in a way that a website cannot do. We are aware that you are not used to the price we pay to live in paradise. We will search out the best prices and we will even beat the price of the big name travel websites. In fact, we have a price match guarantee! We work off a small commission the airlines, hotels, and car rental companies give us. The best part of working with a Hawaii Aloha Travel agent is that your travel investment goes to a local company, with local employees and back into the local economy. The next time you price your trip to Hawaii, let us help you make it affordable and full of aloha!