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First Lady Obama Hangs With Oprah

TMZ’s headline about First Lady Michelle Obama made me giggle: “MICHELLE OBAMA: I’M PARTYING AT OPRAH’S MAUI PAD!”

President Obama and their two daughters returned to Washington after a 2-week Hawaiian vacation, but the First Lady stayed behind to do some island hopping. She stayed to spend time with friends before her upcoming 50th birthday party, according to the White House; it was the president’s gift to her.

But word on the street is that she went straight to media mogul Oprah Winfrey’s upcountry Maui mansion. A “Maui News” article talked to one resident who says his routine bike ride past Oprah’s Kula property had been barricaded with Maui police and secret service agents. When he asked the officer if Michelle was in town, the officer nodded.

I’d hope that Mrs. Obama keeps it classier than the TMZ tabloid headline suggests, haha, but at least she is getting some R&R with her some of her besties! I’m sure Oprah’s excited to show off her 1,000 acre property, which boasts a 12-room be and breakfast and tons of farm land. I’d imagine that’s exactly the kind of R&R a farm-to-table enthusiast, like Mrs. Obama, would have in mind.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Jan 7, 2014