Hawaii’s Eroding Beaches

Big surf in Hawaii can be a sight to see, especially on the north side of the islands – where winter swells bring in monster-size waves. Over the years, however, these waves have been creating an entirely different sight on shore: massive erosion.

Walk along Oahu’s north shore, and you’ll begin to understand the seriousness of this problem. Homes from Sunset Beach to Pipeline have been damaged by the high surf; some look like they just might tumble into the sea, as huge chunks of land beneath the property line have been completely washed away. Entire decks and staircases taken out by erosion.

It’s not only a gloomy situation for homeowners but for beach-goers as well. While the majority of the debris has been removed and discarded by residents, some may still be buried in the sand or floating out in sea. Therefore, it’s important to take extra precaution when going near these eroded ares. Sadly, erosion has been a serious issue for almost all shores of Oahu. The city had to deal with the disappearing sands of Waikiki, as well as on the east side at Kailua Beach. While there’s still plenty of beach to enjoy, it is no doubt a scary situation for any island to face. The price we pay for living in paradise? Maybe…