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Shop Till You Drop, Then Charge Your Tech Gadget

The grinch stole my Christmas cheer when he decided to kill my smartphone battery in the middle of holiday shopping. We decided to brave the crowds at Ala Moana just a few days before Christmas. I had been using the shopping apps on my phone to find out the sales when – it went kaput.

A bummer, but we moseyed our way from one store to the next, filling our shopping bags while emptying our wallets. Out of habit, I kept reaching for my phone in the outside pocket of my purse – only to stop mid-reach when I remembered it D I E D two stores back. Sad but true; technology has got the best of me.

Santa must have sensed my grinch mood because not long after, we accidentally crossed paths with a charging station, like the ones becoming more and more frequent at airports or coffee shops. There was a tall slender table randomly located next to the busy crosswalk near Nordstrom. A symbol of an outlet lit brightly above the dozen or so cords.

Upon closer inspection, there seemed to be a cord for almost every type of device; no joke. I found the iPhone one and plugged in while my sister and mom ducked into one store.

I cannot tell you how convenient it was to have a charging station at the mall! Not sure if there are others, but I wouldn’t doubt it. Ala Moana has a reputation for being ahead of the game in technology. It was one of the first malls on the island to install car charging stations. The tech gadget station seems like a no brainier!

Photo By: Ariel Navares

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 28, 2013