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Tattoos for Typhoon Haiyan

An outpour of support for Typhoon Haiyan victims has led to many creative ways of helping those in need; ways that even include body art.

Tattoo artists from around the world joined in on an effort to tat a special design just for typhoon victims. The tribal design depicts two people paddling in a canoe. It is available at several Hawaii tattoo shops for $30, with proceeds going to Red Cross relief agencies.

A California-based artist came up with the canoe design that follows traditional Filipino tattooing styles, according to a story by the “Honolulu Pulse.” While not many people know about this specific type of tattooing, it has definitely been making a comeback in Hawaii. More and more, you will see many forms of tribal tats inspired by various Polynesian/Pacific cultures in the islands.

The symbol of a canoe has also been universal throughout most of the Pacific. If you have ever paddled a canoe (or kayak), then you know just how important it is for everyone in the boat to work together. Therefore, the canoe represents unity within a group or family, as well as progression; always moving forward, always improving.

The tattoo design for Typhoon Haiyan couldn’t have been more fitting. It offers a glint of hope in even the darkest of days and will forever remind us of how the world banded together to help our brothers and sisters in need.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 18, 2013