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Married in an Instant!

If there were ever such thing as an “instawedding,” then I think I might have experienced one.

Not my wedding, of course, but another couple’s – visiting Hawaii from California. My fiance and I got back to the car after surfing for a bit; as we towel-dried and put away our boards, I noticed an older couple and their children standing around in the parking lot. They were dressed in aloha attire and fresh flower lei. Then, from what seemed like out of nowhere, a kahu (priest) showed up with a conch shell and koa bowl in hand. He greeted the family with a huge smile.

I tried not to eavesdrop, so I stopped paying attention from that point onward. I figured the couple might be renewing their vows or something and wanted some privacy. But after a few minutes, the kahu came over to us and shouted, “Well, he did it! He proposed!” How crazy! A surprise proposal right next door to us. We congratulated them, as they made their way over to the beach for the wedding ceremony. The priest blowing on his conch to make it official.

That’s where the “insta” part comes in… literally within minutes of proposing, the nearlyweds would become newlyweds. And what better place to do that than on a beautiful beach in Hawaii. I won’t give away our “secret” surf spot but will say that they chose a good beach to have a private ceremony. There’s usually no one around!

I almost wished the gentleman had not gotten down on one knee in a parking lot, of all places! But I’m sure he was pretty nervous; plus, the priest in his priestly attire had been within eyesight of his plans. Maybe next time he’ll choose to take it to the beach – when they renew their vows, perhaps? Anyways, congrats to the newlyweds!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 7, 2013