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Small Day at Sandy’s

Sandy Beach is one of the most dangerous beaches in the world – where even the calmest of days may prove to be menacing.

I had been reminded of this during a recent visit to this Oahu beach; lifeguards on duty warned the public that although it looked mellow, powerful rip currents and unexpected waves could still take even the h3est of swimmers as their victim. So it is important not to let your guard down and to use extreme caution when within the ocean’s grasp.

To some, their advice may seem unfathomable, funny, even. Why worry when the ocean looks like a lake? Or even more so, why worry at all when you’re in Hawaii? But that’s exactly the attitude ocean experts do not want us to have. It could get us into some serious trouble – no matter if you’re at Sandy’s or any other beach.

On calm days, the shore can also be very shallow; waves will suck up quickly before slamming back down onto the sand. Those who let their guard down could easily get wrapped up in the trap, getting pushed to the ocean floor in almost an instant. Sadly, this is how many swimmers become paralyzed.

The best way to enjoy a Hawaii beach would be to find one that is free of rip currents, waves and other hazards. Check with a lifeguard on where they suggest or consult with your hotel concierge. They will surely point you in a direction where the entire family can have fun!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 3, 2013