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Shark Attacks Close Beaches

If you pull up to a beach in Hawaii – only to find that it’s closed to the public, then don’t get too bummed out. It’s likely officials made that decision for good reason. Either the ocean conditions were too rough or the water too brown; otherwise, it may have been due to something more severe, such as a drowning or a shark attack.

Shark sightings and attacks have been major reasons for closures in the latter half of 2013. Mostly, for waters in the Makena area of Maui. Within a span of seven or so months, there have been eight attacks on Maui; 13 overall for the state. Sadly, two victims did not make it out alive.

The first had been a young woman visiting from Germany, while the second victim was a man who spent time between Hawaii and Washington. His situation had been particularly bothersome to me because he died even before making it to shore. Unlike the woman who spent several days in the hospital before dying, he had no chance of surviving the attack. Apparently, his friend even made a tourniquet for his injured foot, but even that didn’t work.

There’s definitely something fishy going on in those south Maui waters, particularly in the Makena area. But who’s to say why? Mother Nature works in mysterious and unexplainable ways, so instead of spending time figuring out the “why,” perhaps we should spend time figuring out how to take extra precautions. Don’t go into the ocean during dawn or dusk and especially avoid the ocean if it looks murky or brown.

To be totally honest, I would avoid the waters off Makena all together because those shark(s) seem to be extra aggressive nowadays.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 3, 2013