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An Inspirational Surf Session

It’s almost impossible not to get inspired when you’re in the ocean. As a place for personal reflection and peace, the soothing salt spray and rippling ocean waves help to quell the mind – even if just for a short while.

But there was nothing more inspirational for me than the day I paddled out to a lineup of deaf surfers. I didn’t realize they were deaf until I saw them signing to one another. And without even having to speak a word, the joy on their faces said it all. You could just feel the stoke radiate throughout the crowd of surfers, who – deaf or not – were happy to be surrounded by nature’s unfathomable beauty.

The ocean has always been so therapeutic for me, so I can only imagine how much of an impact it must have on those with disabilities. Each time they caught a wave, I couldn’t help but become enthralled with their grace and style. So full of life and happiness that can’t quite be described or captured in a picture; I was just thankful to be surfing in the same lineup as them.

That session reminded me of things in life that I’ve unfortunately let fall to the wayside, like giving thanks to life’s simple pleasures or reevaluating priorities that sometimes get jumbled in the crazy paths we choose to take. Surfing with the deaf reminded me that no matter the obstacles that may be thrown our way, there’s always a way through them – and for these group of friends, in particular, surfing seemed to be that outlet.

So when you visit Hawaii, be reminded of these things; whether it finds you during an early morning swim or during an evening stroll down the beach, let it be the light in your life that shines brighter than any vacation ever did.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Dec 2, 2013