Post-Black Friday Shopping in Hawaii

Perhaps your flight to Hawaii gets in a day after Black Friday or you chose the beach over the malls; whatever the reason for missing the biggest shopping day of the year, do not fret! There will be TONS of sales and stock to sift through well beyond that fabulous Friday.

It’s really getting those snazzy electronic items that will really be worth your time; so unless you’re prepared to pack the latest tech gadgets or ship a flatscreen back home, then maybe it’s better to wait. Of course, there’s the doorbuster deals, but even those might not be worth the hassle and crowds.

Not trying to sound like the holiday grinch or anything; I just feel like there should be more to a vacation than getting trampled and stressed out. Instead, spend your time relaxing on the beach with a mai tai in hand or exploring the depths of Hawaii’s mountainous wonders. Remember that Black Friday can be overhyped, so shop at your leisure, or better yet, shop on the weekend after Black Friday for a mellower mood.

That’s not to say that the weekend after Thanksgiving won’t be crazy because it will be. It just won’t be as crazy as Friday. And don’t worry about them running out of stuff. I can assure you that the malls and boutiques will be well-stocked for all you avid shoppers.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher