Thankful For: North Shore Cruising

There are so many things to be thankful for, but what seems to be the most consistent in my current repertoire of Thanks are day trips to the North Shore.

Those long, scenic drives along the coast that take you farther from the city’s grasp, while rows of pineapples and fields of cattle welcome visitors to the country. Of course, Oahu’s version of the “country” is less about farm animals and more about the surf scene. Sandy hair, don’t care; boardshorts and bikinis an all-day affair.

Welcome to my world on the weekends, where I go to escape the hectic weekday life that manages to consume my being with one ruthless gulp. Week after week, I feel it tugging me this way and that but not here on the North Shore; I’m safe from any stress or struggle that life could bring, thanks to the calming ways of the sand, sea and surf.

Sometimes I bring a board; other times, I prefer a book. But no matter what I am doing on the North Shore, it is always spent nearest to the ocean as possible. I am at ease when the tips of my toes maneuver through the cold layers of the soft sand bed in front of me and the serenity of the ocean and my top favorite tunes bring me back to sanity.

You, too, can experience the glory of Oahu’s North Shore – or any northern shore on other islands, for that matter! They all tend to be equally as relaxing as the next but in their own unique way. For me, trips to Oahu’s North Shore have always been a wonderful part of my childhood, and as an adult, one of the happiest places on earth.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher