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‘Surf’ the Biggest Wave in Hawaii

Want to see the world’s largest surf mural?

It actually hit the shores of Oahu not too long ago, and at 14,080-square-feet, has transformed an urban Honolulu city into an epic day of surf on the North Shore; set after set of open-faced barrels roll right through the grimy concrete canvas, and the best part of all? There’s no one out!

Amazingly, it only took Brazilian-born artist Hilton Alves eight days to complete the five-story masterpiece. He had the help of several friends, a lift to maneuver across the canvas and tons of support from the community. Although he had planned to donate his time and efforts for free, Hilton still needed help getting all those gallons of paint, and that’s where the community stepped in.

This is the first in a series of 101 paintings, titled the “101 Perfect Waves International Mural Project,” and the birthplace of surfing just so happened to be its lucky first stop. Although Hilton doesn’t plan to submit the mural to the Guinness World Records, he’s still doing things bigger than any wave or world record could bring. He plans to hold a fundraiser for every mural and donate monies to a nonprofit in the communities that host his art.

If you’re eager to catch your first wave in Hawaii, then head over to Kalihi, on the corner of Waiakamilo Road and Kalani Street. (See this map for exact location) Don’t be surprised to find that the town hosting the wave isn’t exactly the beachiest of them all; in fact, it’s probably one of the most industrial cities on the island. But the mural is, no doubt, a nice reminder that the ocean is not too far away.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 27, 2013