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Same-Sex Weddings at the Waikiki Sheraton

The Sheraton Waikiki made history as the first Oahu hotel to offer marriage licenses to couples hoping to have their dream Hawaiian wedding. Now, it will be the first hotel in the state to make that dream come true for same-sex couples.

At the stroke of midnight on Dec. 2, 2013, same-sex couples will be lined up outside of the hotel’s marriage license office – ready to tie the knot. This is when the law takes affect. Sheraton estimates about a half a dozen couples eagerly awaiting the date, according to KITV News.

The big event will not only be a historic one for those looking to be happily married but also for those in the hotel industry. Sheraton will, no doubt, make a fortune from the wave of weddings this coming year. That will set a major precedent for other hotels keeping a watchful eye on Sheraton’s success, and therefore, open up more opportunities for couples looking to wed in the islands.

A major plus of obtaining marriage licenses from a hotel? The convenience. I’ve heard horror stories from nearly-weds who waited forever to get their license. To save yourself some frustration and time, check out what hotels have to offer. According to the report, couples can be married within an hour of obtaining marriage licenses.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 26, 2013