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Dear Santa: Please Bring More Parking Spaces to Ala Moana

No matter the time of year, finding parking at Ala Moana already seems to be a challenge for shoppers. The world’s largest open-air mall gets more than 100,000 visitors a day, so it’s no wonder it can be a while before you slide into a stall.

Add to that the holiday shopping season and then on top of that, mall construction, and you’ve got a big parking nightmare that could easily steal away that Christmas cheer. The construction to makeover the mall takes up about 2,000 parking stalls; in other words, a huge chunk of already valuable space unavailable to the savvy shopper.

What’s the mall going to do about it? So far, they’ve finagled about 1,300 spots from the construction company, according to Hawaii News Now, and plan to give 300 free bus passes to employees. Valet parking for customers will be available for $5 as well.

To prevent my parking lot anxieties from skyrocketing, I may just avoid Ala Moana all together this holiday season. There’s always Kahala Mall (about 10-minutes away) and then Ward Warehouse (about 5 minutes away) to shop at. As for Black Friday, I may shoot over to Pearlridge Shopping Center to avoid the hassle all together.

If you’re planning on hitting the mall during your Hawaii vacation, consider taking the city bus from your hotel or simply walking. You could also take a cab, but that’s monies probably best spent on gifts for family, friends and yourself.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 24, 2013