Using Cell Phones During Flights?

The more I fly, the more I realize just how frustrated passengers have become with commercial air travel. There’s the lack of legroom, frequent delays and sandwiches that cost more than the book you’re reading. Now, with the talk of being able to use your cell phone during a flight, I can only imagine how much more annoyed passengers will be.

The Federal Communications Commissions proposed to drop the ban for cellular connections, allowing phone calls at 10,000 feet and above. They present their idea in December, but already, flight attendants and passengers have expressed their disapproval. I tend to agree with them, too. No one wants to hear the person next to them having a full-on conversation for the entire flight.

It’s not only disruptive and annoying but also a safety issue. In the event of an emergency, it may be difficult for flight attendants to get everyone’s attention. Some passengers may be on their phones, too busy to catch what’s going on around them, while those not on their phones may be distracted by the increased noise levels. Cell phones on a flight would just add more stress to an already-high-stress situation.

In addition to that, cell phone usage could cause some friction between passengers, who are already sleep-deprived and cranky from jet lag or multiple layovers. And when all they want to do is have some peace and quiet, I can see there being tension between the passenger with their eyeshades and the one with their cellphone.

The FCC’s proposal comes right after another policy had been dropped – the use of electronic devices below 10,000 feet. Passengers may not use anything from tablets to smartphones during their entire flight. What’s to stop the FCC from getting this cell phone ban lifted? Hopefully a lot of angry flight attendants at next month’s meeting!