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Opt for a Hotel Turkey Dinner This Thanksgiving

Lets just say eating a microwaveable chimichanga from 7-11 was definitely not an ideal way to spend Thanksgiving away from home. During our college days, a couple of my friends and I decided to spend turkey day in San Diego; however, we failed to plan out the most important part of the trip – where we’d be feasting.

Realizing a little too late that most restaurants would be closed for business, we ended up finding the only source of food on this holiday from 7-11, of all places! At that moment, I had been thankful for a microwave to heat up my chimichanga.

The moral of the story? When traveling during Thanksgiving, or any holiday where food is important to you, make sure to plan ahead. Know that most businesses and restaurants will be closed. If we had been really savvy, we could have checked with nearby hotels on what they offered for Thanksgiving meals.

I know several hotels in Hawaii that provide such meals for visiting families. The Hawaii Prince Hotel, for instance, sells tasty turkey dinners ($169 before Nov. 21) every year. The meals feed a family of four and include the traditional sides, like cranberry sauce and stuffing. They’ve gotten so popular that even local families order to-go turkeys dinners.

What better place to enjoy your Thanksgiving feast than right on a beach in Hawaii? The meals are compact enough to be enjoyed picnic style – either at the beach or on the balcony of your hotel. Yet another thing to be thankful for!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 22, 2013