Hawaiian Airlines Gets Device-Certified

It’s safe for passengers to use electronic devices from gate-to-gate on Hawaiian Airlines. The company announced that it completed the certification process mandated by the Federal Aviation Administration and will allow passengers to use anything from tablets to smartphones during their flight – as long as they’re on “airplane mode.”

The FAA policy applies to both domestic and international flights; prior to this, travelers had to turn off and stow away all electronic devices during the flight when flying below 10,000 feet. Now, Hawaiian allows customers to use their own personal electronic devices (under two pounds), including e-readers, music players and various other small devices, from takeoff through landing.

I am personally excited about this new policy because whenever I travel, I tend to always be on some kind of electronic device; whether it’s updating my status with my smartphone or blogging on my iPad, there is always a need for technology. Plus, it’s a great way to pass the time during those long flights.

The new FAA policy is definitely a sign of the times, as an increasing number of travelers pack their electronics right alongside their toothbrush. Makes me wonder how we ever managed to survive those multi-hour flights without technology. Thinking back, my parents used to buy a bunch of workbooks for my brothers and I, as well as a stack of playing cards.

For more information, visit Hawaiian Airlines’ policy page at www.HawaiianAirlines.com/News/PED.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher