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Temporary Barricades Go Up at Laniakea Beach

We’ve been updating you guys on the turtle traffic near Laniakea Beach, which has sent a wave of frustration throughout the local surf community. Beach-goers continue to jaywalk across the highway to check out the turtles or to surf the outside break – creating a huge jam for motorists who have no choice but to crawl through the slow-moving line of cars. And the problem is only getting worse.

To remedy the traffic, the state came up with a solution that prohibits parking in front of the beach all together. Temporary barriers will be installed along the dirt strip right off of Kamehameha Highway, which has served as a makeshift parking lot for years. The barriers will remain throughout November and December; however, there’s a chance they could be up for as long as a year, according to reports.

This has, no doubt, upset the local community – many of whom are surfers who frequent the popular break. They have voiced their concerns and offered suggestions at recent community meetings with the state; however, barricading parking had been the last thing they wanted.

Where does that leave tourists wanting to see the turtles? Like the surfers and other beach-goers, tourists will have to park along parts of the highway not yet barricaded. This includes the area in front of another popular surf break, Chun’s, and also in front of a nearby ranch. Many predict the parking will spill over into nearby neighborhoods as well.

It almost seems as if the problem has been moved to different parts of Kamehameha Highway, where people will continue to jaywalk and therefore, create traffic. In order for the barricades to be effective, the state needs to urge people to access the beach by going underneath the highway. Many do not realize there’s a short tunnel under the highway, which leads to the beach. They can post signs along the mauka-side of the highway, directing pedestrians to the underground tunnel.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 20, 2013