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ShopSuey App a Hit With Hawaii Shoppers

With Hawaii as a major shopping destination, it was only a matter of time before someone mapped it all out for us! That’s what two local guys (yes, guys!) did when they created the ShopSuey app for Oahu shoppers – covering everything from restaurants to restrooms to shops and their sales.

I first heard about this app during Hawaii’s inaugural Fashion Month in October. I downloaded it to my iPhone and did a quick test run – still some kinks here and there, but overall, very helpful for my day at Ala Moana Shopping Center. Since its first launch, the app has been improved immensely to include mapping of restrooms, ATM machines and even your parking spot!

I’ll admit, I chuckled when I found out two guys created this app. Guys hate shopping, right? Well, at least my fiance does, which is exactly why it would make total sense for the male population to conjure up such an ingenious app. ShopSuey makes shopping less painful and more tolerable for everyone because it’s simple to use and handy to have at any mall.

Apparently, the app is meant to cater to shoppers already at the mall; those trying to figure out where to go next. And where else better to wander to than a sale across the way? Definitely a win-win for the retailer and the merchant. Something called a “flash sale” may also pop up on the app, in which the first 10 shoppers may stop by after the deal appears.

There is one thing the app lacks, and not surprisingly, it had been pointed out by my fiance. He said there needs to be a bench locator, for boyfriends and husbands who’d rather sit outside while their partner shop! So true.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 16, 2013