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Hawaii Gets Cold!

It’s true that people not from Hawaii laugh at us for complaining about the chilly island weather! I had been reminded of that when the local weather guy said, “I know all my mainland relatives will laugh when I say Hawaii is a freezing 60-degrees right now, so bring out the extra blanket!”

But anything below 75-degrees (to me, anyway) is cold! Especially when there’s the nippy north wind factor, then we’re talking scarves, boots, the whole winter-wear gamut. LOL. We’re so used to the warm tropical weather that these “freezing temps” easily become the talk of the town. You’ll hear mention of it on the radio, on TV news broadcasts and even at local businesses. Good conversation starters, at least.

Even with sunshine, the north winds make it cold during the day. Not to mention, they also make the ocean water pretty nippy as well. I can just hear my mainland relatives laughing now, as they read this article. “What? I would do anything to have 75-degree weather right about now!”

And when I think of them in the midst of the first of, I’m sure, many snow storms to come this winter season, I know I should not be the one complaining! Okay, maybe we’re not complaining but rather, just making casual chit-chat about the weather!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 12, 2013