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Happy Sunday Funday!

Definitely my favorite phrase-become-hashtag (#sundayfunday) of the week. Mostly because it inspires spontaneity, laughter and all that goodness associated with “fun.”
There’s no doubt you’ll be enjoying a Sunday Funday while on Hawaii vacation. Heck! Every day should be a Funday, right? But on that very special day of the week, when the digital realm allows Instagrammers and Facebook fiends to use that very sacred #sundayfunday metadata, you can bet you’ll have the most likes in town!

It amazes me at how much hashtags control our lives nowadays. In addition to #sundayfunday, there’s #tbt, #fbf and the list goes on. But I appreciate #sundayfunday because it puts us in the present of how we may be spending our Sunday, as opposed to the #tbt and #fbf that throw us back into the past. I like the idea of living in the moment; something to keep in mind while on vacation.

I would hope that your #sundayfunday is spent at the beach or on the trails of another mountainous adventure. But if you’re not really the active type, then let’s see those pics of your time at the mall or at the movies. Depending on your definition of “fun,” the options for experiencing some of that in Hawaii can be endless!!

So go and make memories but don’t forget to share with the rest of the digital community, too.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 10, 2013