Menchie’s Mo’ Bettah

Although Hawaii has been getting more and more frozen yogurt places over the years, I still think Menchie’s is the best. A recent visit to the Kakaako location reaffirmed my opinion on local fro yo. Here’s why:

First and most importantly, Menchie’s has a friendly staff. We used to go to I Love Yogurt (formerly Yogurtland) out of convenience but had been so turned off by their snobby staff that we decided on a longer drive to Menchie’s instead! To me, great customer service tops all.

Secondly, I like that my shoes don’t get stuck to the floor when I am getting yogurt at Menchie’s. Unlike other places, remnants of spilled yogurt cover the area right in front of the yogurt dispensers; hence, that annoying stickiness. Out of all the yogurt places I’ve been to, Menchie’s is definitely the cleanest.

Lastly, yogurt lovers can always look forward to holiday specials or other perks, like the free waffle bowls and free photo books going on NOW! So glad I read the signs. FREE always catches my eye. The photo book can be created via a mobile app; however, there will be no charge if customers use the special code given at the Menchie’s counter.


• 1050 Ala Moana Blvd., Honolulu, HI 96814 • 808-592-9292

Posted by: Bruce Fisher