Surfing Goat Dairy

Believe it or not, I have a couple of friends with pet goats that surf. And as weird as it sounds, it may actually be a thing – well, at least for one Maui company. Surfing Goat Dairy has been producing award-winning gourmet goat cheeses for nearly a decade and most recently, chocolate truffles, too.

It is one of only two goat dairies in Hawaii, and with more than 40 acres of Kula pasture to roam, it’s no wonder these goats stuck around for so long. From Purple Rain to Mango Supreme, the 20-plus specialty flavors at this dairy continue to wow taste buds across the nation.

And they’ve got awards to prove it. From 2004 to 2006, Surfing Goat Dairy won “Best Goat Cheese Spread in North America.” In 2009, the company debuted its “Utterly Delicious” spread at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. You can find this flavor and others at numerous Maui restaurants today.

The couple who runs the dairy also allows agricultural tour groups to stop by. In addition to other popular farms on Maui, like Alii Kula Lavendar Farm and Ulupalakua Ranch, this dairy has been a hit with visitors. Don’t forget to try their goat cheese chocolate truffles. They named the series, “Oh My,” because it’s usually the first reaction people have when trying the little bits of chocolate.

As for the name, Surfing Goat Dairy? Well, the dozens of colorful surfboards scattered throughout their pen seem to tell it all. Plus, the goats step right on to them, as if they’re ready to catch the next wave. It doesn’t get more Hawaii than that! Definitely a unique and memorable way to remember this local business.


• 3651 Omaopio Rd., Kula, HI 96790 • Opens Mon-Sat 9am-5pm and Sun 9am-2pm • 808-878-2870 •

Posted by: Bruce Fisher