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Stroll Through Art Night in Hanapepe

Here’s a Friday night tradition that won’t get old: Every Friday, Hanapēpē features local artists and musicians through its weekly Art Night event – a street festival of sorts with good vibes all around for this historic Kauai town.

Similar to First Fridays in Oahu’s Chinatown district, Art Night means galleries stay opened later for visitors and locals to stroll through at their leisure. The event also means artists will set up kiosks outside to show off their work. Don’t forget the local musicians that also make the sidewalks their stage; smooth jazz and Hawaiian music will soothe anyone’s soul.

The one thing that Art Night lacks as of now is food. A few eateries stay opened during this event, like Little Fish Coffee and Taro Ko Factory, but there are few eateries to begin with. It’d be nice if outside food vendors would also set up kiosks or food trucks. Definitely a way to attract island foodies!

Of course, the main feature of anything to do with “Kauai’s Biggest Little Town,” as Hanaēpē has been nicknamed, is the famous swinging bridge. Before Hurricane Iniki damaged the bridge, it had been the primary way of getting across the river. Today, taro farmers continue to use that bridge; however, it is mostly known as a tourist attraction.

I love Hanapēpē for events like this! It just goes to show how an old town like Hanapēpē can survive in this modern world. Through the endless support of local businesses and craftsmen, historic Hanapēpē will remain a part of Kauai’s history forever!


• Every Friday night in historic Hanapēpē, Kauai • Features local artists, musicians, food and businesses

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 3, 2013