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Underwater Carving in Waikiki

How cool is this! Carving pumpkins underwater has got to be a first, and leave it to the Waikiki Aquarium for making it happen.

Suited up in scuba suits and equipped with carving utensils, a couple of creative staffers braved the aquarium shark tank. But sharks didn’t seem to bother these pers; they were more concerned about getting the perfect design and winning the pumpkin carving contest.

The aquarium only required that they go with an ocean-themed carving. We saw some hermit crabs, a jelly fish and a hammerhead shark. The crab that had actual pumpkin cut-out legs was my favorite, but we’ll find out the winner later today, as the public got a chance to vote on their favorite.

Cutting pumpkins on land seems hard enough; I can’t even imagine the challenge of working with floating pumpkins! Kids and adults gathered at the shark tank for a front-row view of the carving show. I wish I could have been there but lived vicariously through a friend that attended. Next year, I’ll be there for sure!

To see more pictures of the underwater pumpkin carving (Hawaiian style), check out the aquarium’s Facebook page.

Photos Courtesy: Waikiki Aquarium Facebook Fanpage

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 1, 2013