Favorite Kauai Memories

Talking about Kauai with some friends planning to move there really got me missing the place! We’ve been to the Garden Isle more times than I can count and still have not gotten tired of it.

Of course, I could have went on and on about Kauai, but decided it best to share some of my favorite memories instead. First off, the surf! Since they’re both avid surfers, starting our convo with that topic only seemed natural. We shared a few of our favorite spots and tips to navigating the break. If you’re looking to surf on your Kauai vacay, finding waves shouldn’t be a problem. Head to the south side for summer swells and Hanalei for winter fun. Both areas provide surf lessons.

If you’re more of a land lubber, then perhaps a drive to the top of Waimea Canyon or a hike along the Na Pali would do the trick. I told them about our super-adventurous hike to Hanakapiai Falls, located at the start of the Na Pali trail. Definitely one of the most memorable hikes right along the edge of a sea cliff. Next time we go, I want to explore Hanakapiai Beach. It is on the way to the falls but requires extra time we did not have.

With so much to do during the day, many start to wonder what’s there to do at night. And to be totally honest, there isn’t much going on – other than the bar scenes, which is minimal. Keoki’s on the south side definitely becomes the happening spot for youngsters, and ironically, it is the same restaurant our friend will be transferring to from Duke’s Waikiki. We made sure to tell them all about the frozen mai tais (with vanilla ice cream) and how my fiance will guarantee see at least three friends from when he grew up there. A sure sign of how small the island can be.

But perhaps that’s one of Kauai’s best qualities; although small and laid-back, there is still so much to do and so much to see on Kauai that it would be difficult for anyone to bore of it. I know we haven’t yet, so that’s why we’re looking forward to returning in the near future and visiting old friends on our favorite island.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher