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A Second Helping of Liliha Bakery

I never thought the day would come – when there would be TWO Liliha Bakeries in town. A second location on Nimitz Highway will soon be popping out those famous cocoa puffs, taking steps toward the mainstream at the start of this tasty new era.

For as long as I’ve been frequenting the small-time diner, I never imagined there ever being another. Liliha Bakery has always been a “one-and-only” sort of experience, and in the residential Kalihi suburb, a hidden gem for those who know where to look.

The new location will no doubt be a positive change for the business but still will take some adjusting for the customers. Located right en route to the airport (at the old Sam Choy’s restaurant), visitors can make Liliha #2 their last stop before boarding. Get a case of cocoa puffs to go, and you’re set for the ride home. Or if you’re just landing in Hawaii, Liliha #2 could easily be your first stop to enjoy local eats.

One thing I love about this bakery-diner combo is the old-school counter seating. Propped high up on bar stools, customers get a taste of the simple life at Liliha. Not to mention, some front-row seats of the in-house cook, as he routinely whips up the daily quota of pancake and waffle batter. The cute old ladies with hairnets and aprons pour cups of coffee and take down orders, like it is second nature.

The new Liliha will expand upon this idea by providing double the number of counter seats PLUS 120 seats in the dining room. No word yet on if this location will be opened for 24 hours, like the original bakery, but I would sure hope so!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Oct 26, 2013